Benjamin Moore Certified Wood Expert

Benjamin Moore Certified Stain Contractor

Exterior wood needs very specific treatment in order for it to protect, support and beautify your home. Once moisture, contaminants or UV rays gets the better of your wood, the result can be destructive and expensive to repair. Exterior wood serves as siding for your home, support for your deck, fence, rail, or patio cover.
Windows and doors made of solid wood need similar treatment. If you live in a log cabin, you need the right coatings and maintenance to keep the structure in good shape.

Whether you started with the right treatment, or you need to correct an existing problem, Pacific Paintworx will provide the solutions and the proper maintenance to manage your wood’s integrity so it can last indefinitely. Design of your structure, type of wood, moisture content and type of finish will all factor into how long your wood will last. Regular maintenance is essential and is not expensive, but major repairs are.

Pacific Paintworx has been treating exotic wood for thirty years. Benjamin Moore has just awarded us as “Certified Stain Experts” for our ability to properly identify the ideal factors to treating new wood and the problems that cause existing wood structures to fail and how to repair them.
Along with the products to prepare and treat new and old wood, Benjamin Moore has an unlimited number of stain colors that come in five levels of coverage from transparent to solid. Arborcoat from Benjamin Moore is the world’s best protection and stain solution for your exterior wood.

Certified Stain Contractor of Benjamin Moore

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