Benjamin Moore Certifies Pacific Paintworx

Benjamin Moore has recently awarded Pacific Paintworx “Certified Stain Contractor” status. We will be listed on the Benjamin Moore website as only one of two painting contractors in all of Southern California. As an exclusive user of Benjamin Moore paints since 1976, Pacific Paintworx stands by the brand and has just gone through the extensive certification process where Benjamin Moore now stands behind Pacific Paintworx to install it’s peerless stain finishes to decks, siding, exterior wood on log homes and trim.
Benjamin Moore features its line of Premium Exterior Stains as well as it’s Arborcoat line. Both lines come in Acrylic and Alkyd resins; 5 levels of opacity, clear to solid; unlimited colors, a full line of water soluble strippers, mildew removers and wood brighteners.
The Benjamin Moore Arborcoat line is more specific to southern California’s strict environmental standards, but let it be known, these cleaners, stains and clear coats are the finest products ever made for all types of common and exotic woods. These products are the result of extensive research. They will restore aged wood and protect it against the sun to ensure a long lasting, beautiful finish. Easy, inexpensive annual maintenance is another great feature. Inquire with Pacific Paintworx for your deck, siding or log home by clicking on our “Free Quote” button. These new products and our incomparable expert service are the answers to protecting the huge investment you made in the wood that beautifies and supports your home. Click our “Free Quote” button now!

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