Basic Painting Contractor Qualifications

I have a few words of advice when looking for a painting contractor. Although I like winning all the jobs I target, I can’t help but honor the honest bidding process. It’s the consumers job to choose from prospective contractors that are above all, honest. There’s a lot of instinct that goes into that, but it’s important because painters, like many trades, can cut a lot of corners and hide that from you easily. That happens a lot in this economic environment. Paint isn’t supposed to just look nice, it’s supposed to protect your valuable property for a long time under changing conditions.

Preparation is important. A couple coats of paint over some bad prep work are you’re never going to notice.
Ask a lot of questions. An honest contractor who is really into delivering more than you expect, will be thrilled to hand you insurance certificates, license, bond, references and show you a gallery of work. Ask your contractor if he has all workers covered by workers comp and if he/she has “cash workers” on the crew. Does your prospective contractor have coverage for your specific project: Condo, 2-3-4+ stories, new construction, overspray… Can the contractor prove they have expertise in the job you are offering? Very important: Tell them what you expect in the finished product so there is no confusion. A contractor who gets insulted or doesn’t have a straight answer, is most likely one to avoid.

A reputable contractor costs more because they cover you, your property, their workers, machinery and the results. Your proposal should spell out the cleaning and preparation process; the patching and sealing materials; equipment used; and paints, stains and coatings that will be applied for beauty and protection.

Pacific Paintworx covers all the details in our proposals and contracts. We give the opportunity for the prospect to ask any questions about the process, materials and price. The more our clients know about the work, the more they will appreciate and understand what they are getting for their hard earned money.

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